Get well soon – Vexations

A concept album about stoicism by a German one man band. Okay, get your arse back here. There’s nothing to be scared about. Au contraire, mon cher Watson. I’m even making this the second participant in my randomly chosen top ten albums of 2010. Before any of you German-concept-album-liking freaks (we know where you live) point out that the album was released in Prussia at the end of 2009: I KNOW! But since this blog is all about ME, these are albums I discovered in 2010, so shut up.

If you think this might be a bit too highbrow for you, go back to your http://www.waynerooneyisagod.aargh or your http://www.pamelaandersonhasthenicesttitsever.cum. If you think the lyrics on this one might be a bit too pessimistic for you, get up, walk to your window and look outside. Anymore questions? Didn’t think so.

The voice behind Get well soon is Konstantin Gropper. His timbre has been compared to that of Tom Yorke. I couldn’t tell you, because every time Tom Yorkes voice echoes through the confines of my apartment, it’s being overpowered by the rolling thunder of my barfing. Gropper first caught our attention with his cover of Born Slippy. Konstantin didn’t put as much effort into his songtitles this time as he did on his previous album. What to think of the brilliant(ly named) Witches! Witches! Rest Now In The Fire, a song that would have sounded perfect on Hooverphonic’s Jacky Cane (you remember, those times long gone when we used to care what Alex Callier had come up with).

This second installment does continue in the same feel though. Seneca’s silence starts of with marimbas, before a Teutonian hord of Walkyres casts out the mariachi band. I’ll bring the poison, will you bring the knife? Very Sufjan Stevens if you ask me.

And then there’s A voice in the Louvre. An orchestral production that makes you wish Rufus Wainwright would brokebackmountain this German, so he can finally deliver that magnum opus we’ve all been yearning for. Not the happiest of tunes, lamenting: Deep in the swarm, hold on, mother, to these shaky hands. In open water, save me, father, from the rising flood. But what about that sweeping chorus, urged forward by a battalion of violins, marching to the sound of the Glöckenspiel, culminating in a grand outro you wished would never end. If only I wasn’t so afraid.

Werner Herzog gets shot is the strange tale of German film producer Werner Herzog… getting shot. Aureate! starts of with a harpsichord, before being interrupted by break beats, leading the way for the orchestra to take over. Angry young man delivers all it promises, before the album finishes of with We are the Roman Empire, an eulogy for so-called western civilisation. Top ten of the year? Elementary, my dear Watson.

One Response to “Get well soon – Vexations”

  1. Sounds good. A little Pulp’ish as well. Pulp’ish in their ‘We love life’-era.

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